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Sura Attributes


Sura Name AlBaqara
Sura Number 2
Sura Classification Sura Madinah Classification
Number of Ayah 286
Number of Prostration FALSE
Sura Polarity 0.062
Sura Chronology Sequence 87
Sura Main Topic Quran Main Topic 00, Quran Main Topic 13, Quran Main Topic 33, Quran Main Topic 02, Quran Main Topic 01, Quran Main Topic 09, Quran Main Topic 05, Quran Main Topic 06, Quran Main Topic 41, Quran Main Topic 04, Quran Main Topic 54, Quran Main Topic 30, Quran Main Topic 08, Quran Main Topic 29, Quran Main Topic 60, Quran Main Topic 25, Quran Main Topic 59, Quran Main Topic 46, Quran Main Topic 44, Quran Main Topic 53, Quran Main Topic 62, Quran Main Topic 50, Quran Main Topic 17, Quran Main Topic 58, Quran Main Topic 18, Quran Main Topic 28, Quran Main Topic 03, Quran Main Topic 61, Quran Main Topic 32, Quran Main Topic 38, Quran Main Topic 23, Quran Main Topic 12, Quran Main Topic 11, Quran Main Topic 39, Quran Main Topic 34, Quran Main Topic 24, Quran Main Topic 14, Quran Main Topic 49, Quran Main Topic 67, Quran Main Topic 70, Quran Main Topic 31, Quran Main Topic 43, Quran Main Topic 65, Quran Main Topic 26, Quran Main Topic 10, Quran Main Topic 20, Quran Main Topic 40, Quran Main Topic 36, Quran Main Topic 27, Quran Main Topic 16, Quran Main Topic 68, Quran Main Topic 51, Quran Main Topic 56, Quran Main Topic 15, Quran Main Topic 69, Quran Main Topic 48, Quran Main Topic 42, Quran Main Topic 21, Quran Main Topic 37, Quran Main Topic 07, Quran Main Topic 35, Quran Main Topic 64, Quran Main Topic 66, Quran Main Topic 55, Quran Main Topic 19, Quran Main Topic 57, Quran Main Topic 47, Quran Main Topic 63, Quran Main Topic 52
Sura SubTopic Quran Sub Topic 00-00, Quran Sub Topic 13-06, Quran Sub Topic 33-01, Quran Sub Topic 02-09, Quran Sub Topic 01-05, Quran Sub Topic 09-10, Quran Sub Topic 02-15, Quran Sub Topic 05-02, Quran Sub Topic 06-10, Quran Sub Topic 41-05, Quran Sub Topic 13-07, Quran Sub Topic 04-03, Quran Sub Topic 54-04, Quran Sub Topic 30-07, Quran Sub Topic 08-04, Quran Sub Topic 29-02, Quran Sub Topic 60-08, Quran Sub Topic 25-02, Quran Sub Topic 59-02, Quran Sub Topic 02-10, Quran Sub Topic 46-04, Quran Sub Topic 46-11, Quran Sub Topic 09-03, Quran Sub Topic 44-15, Quran Sub Topic 53-09, Quran Sub Topic 09-12, Quran Sub Topic 62-14, Quran Sub Topic 06-13, Quran Sub Topic 50-05, Quran Sub Topic 02-05, Quran Sub Topic 17-01, Quran Sub Topic 46-07, Quran Sub Topic 09-07, Quran Sub Topic 17-07, Quran Sub Topic 58-06, Quran Sub Topic 18-02, Quran Sub Topic 28-15, Quran Sub Topic 03-05, Quran Sub Topic 61-15, Quran Sub Topic 32-05, Quran Sub Topic 33-04, Quran Sub Topic 60-06, Quran Sub Topic 38-13, Quran Sub Topic 23-08, Quran Sub Topic 08-09, Quran Sub Topic 12-08, Quran Sub Topic 28-01, Quran Sub Topic 03-04, Quran Sub Topic 08-05, Quran Sub Topic 18-06, Quran Sub Topic 11-04, Quran Sub Topic 39-05, Quran Sub Topic 34-03, Quran Sub Topic 25-12, Quran Sub Topic 24-05, Quran Sub Topic 14-13, Quran Sub Topic 49-14, Quran Sub Topic 67-06, Quran Sub Topic 70-00, Quran Sub Topic 03-00, Quran Sub Topic 25-00, Quran Sub Topic 34-00, Quran Sub Topic 31-00, Quran Sub Topic 43-00, Quran Sub Topic 17-00, Quran Sub Topic 29-00, Quran Sub Topic 65-00, Quran Sub Topic 41-00, Quran Sub Topic 01-00, Quran Sub Topic 26-00, Quran Sub Topic 08-00, Quran Sub Topic 10-00, Quran Sub Topic 20-00, Quran Sub Topic 62-00, Quran Sub Topic 44-00, Quran Sub Topic 33-00, Quran Sub Topic 40-00, Quran Sub Topic 36-00, Quran Sub Topic 27-00, Quran Sub Topic 09-00, Quran Sub Topic 60-00, Quran Sub Topic 11-00, Quran Sub Topic 16-00, Quran Sub Topic 61-00, Quran Sub Topic 68-00, Quran Sub Topic 50-00, Quran Sub Topic 02-00, Quran Sub Topic 23-00, Quran Sub Topic 13-00, Quran Sub Topic 46-00, Quran Sub Topic 51-00, Quran Sub Topic 56-00, Quran Sub Topic 24-00, Quran Sub Topic 15-00, Quran Sub Topic 69-00, Quran Sub Topic 14-00, Quran Sub Topic 48-00, Quran Sub Topic 18-00, Quran Sub Topic 04-00, Quran Sub Topic 05-00, Quran Sub Topic 42-00, Quran Sub Topic 21-00, Quran Sub Topic 38-00, Quran Sub Topic 37-00, Quran Sub Topic 59-00, Quran Sub Topic 07-00, Quran Sub Topic 30-00, Quran Sub Topic 12-00, Quran Sub Topic 28-00, Quran Sub Topic 39-00, Quran Sub Topic 35-00, Quran Sub Topic 64-00, Quran Sub Topic 53-00, Quran Sub Topic 32-00, Quran Sub Topic 66-00, Quran Sub Topic 55-00, Quran Sub Topic 19-00, Quran Sub Topic 57-00, Quran Sub Topic 54-00, Quran Sub Topic 47-00, Quran Sub Topic 63-00, Quran Sub Topic 49-00, Quran Sub Topic 58-00, Quran Sub Topic 06-00, Quran Sub Topic 52-00
Body Parts Ear, Heart, Eye, Back, Finger, Blood, Arm, Lip, Head, Hip, Liver, Calf, Face, Body, Hand, Sole, Chin, Leg, Heel, Foot, Scalp, Bone, Palm
Phrases Idda
Food Tea, Fast, Eat, Pea, Fire, Sustenance, Veal, Fed, Fruit, Pan, Oven, Order, Ice, Ate, Rice, Sage, Liver, Water, Drink, Food, Pot, Herbs, Cucumber, Garlic, Lentils, Onion, Bran, Oil, Pie, Sole, Fish, Ham, Feed, Fat, Tart, Hunger, Meat, Fig, Provisions, Rations, Fillet, Grain, Corn, Tuna, Dry
Plants Fruit, Fig, Date-Palm
Fruits Pear, Fig, Date
Spices Rue, Sage, Garlic, Onion
Family Heir, Kin, Wed, Wife, Son, Posterity, Parent, Orphan, Offspring, Progeny, Father, Mom, Brother, Wives, Household, Single, Divorce, Husband, Mother, Child, Foster, Marriage, Family, Friend
After Life Locations Paradise, Day Of Resurrection, Hell
Places of Worship The House, Mosque
Mountains Sinai, Safa, Arafat
Insects Roach, Moth
Astronomical Body Heavens, Heaven, Moon
After life Locations Paradise, Day Of Resurrection, Hell
Mountains Sinai, Safa, Arafat
Satan Name Satan
Angels Gabriel
Prophets Adam, Moses, Jesus, Solomon, Abraham, Jacob, Isaac, David

Sentiment Analysis

Positive Sentiment

The following table displays the Ayat in Surat AlBaqara that has positive sentiment sorted by Polarity.
Sura PagePolarityAyah Text
Surat AlBaqara Ayah 2240.89And make not Allah's (name) an excuse in your oaths against doing good, or acting rightly, or making peace between persons; for Allah is One Who heareth and knoweth all things.
Surat AlBaqara Ayah 820.8But those who have faith and work righteousness, they are companions of the Garden: Therein shall they abide (For ever).
Surat AlBaqara Ayah 2670.8O ye who believe! Give of the good things which ye have (honourably) earned, and of the fruits of the earth which We have produced for you, and do not even aim at getting anything which is bad, in order that out of it ye may give away something, when ye yourselves would not receive it except with closed eyes. And know that Allah is Free of all wants, and worthy of all praise.
Surat AlBaqara Ayah 1530.73O ye who believe! seek help with patient perseverance and prayer; for Allah is with those who patiently persevere.
Surat AlBaqara Ayah 2000.73So when ye have accomplished your holy rites, celebrate the praises of Allah, as ye used to celebrate the praises of your fathers, - yea, with far more Heart and soul. There are men who say: "Our Lord! Give us (Thy bounties) in this world!" but they will have no portion in the Hereafter.
Surat AlBaqara Ayah 2760.71Allah will deprive usury of all blessing, but will give increase for deeds of charity: For He loveth not creatures ungrateful and wicked.
Surat AlBaqara Ayah 2090.69If ye backslide after the clear (Signs) have come to you, then know that Allah is Exalted in Power, Wise.
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Negative Sentiment

The following table displays the Ayat in Surat AlBaqara that has negative sentiment sorted by Polarity.
Sura PagePolarityAyah Text
Surat AlBaqara Ayah 2050When he turns his back, His aim everywhere is to spread mischief through the earth and destroy crops and cattle. But Allah loveth not mischief.
Surat AlBaqara Ayah 140-0.036Or do ye say that Abraham, Isma'il Isaac, Jacob and the Tribes were Jews or Christians? Say: Do ye know better than Allah? Ah! who is more unjust than those who conceal the testimony they have from Allah? but Allah is not unmindful of what ye do!
Surat AlBaqara Ayah 177-0.056It is not righteousness that ye turn your faces Towards east or West; but it is righteousness- to believe in Allah and the Last Day, and the Angels, and the Book, and the Messengers; to spend of your substance, out of love for Him, for your kin, for orphans, for the needy, for the wayfarer, for those who ask, and for the ransom of slaves; to be steadfast in prayer, and practice regular charity; to fulfil the contracts which ye have made; and to be firm and patient, in pain (or suffering) and adversity, and throughout all periods of panic. Such are the people of truth, the Allah-fearing.
Surat AlBaqara Ayah 283-0.057If ye are on a journey, and cannot find a scribe, a pledge with possession (may serve the purpose). And if one of you deposits a thing on trust with another, Let the trustee (Faithfully) discharge His trust, and let him fear his Lord. Conceal not evidence; for whoever conceals it, - His heart is tainted with sin. And Allah Knoweth all that ye do.
Surat AlBaqara Ayah 96-0.066Thou wilt indeed find them, of all people, most greedy of life, -even more than the idolaters: Each one of them wishes He could be given a life of a thousand years: But the grant of such life will not save him from (due) punishment. For Allah sees well all that they do.
Surat AlBaqara Ayah 208-0.08O ye who believe! Enter into Islam whole-heartedly; and follow not the footsteps of the evil one; for he is to you an avowed enemy.
Surat AlBaqara Ayah 100-0.083Is it not (the case) that every time they make a covenant, some party among them throw it aside?- Nay, Most of them are faithless.
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Sentiment Analysis Plot

Surat AlBaqara Sentiment Analysis plot.png

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Surat AlBaqara Index of Topics

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Index of Subjects Frequency Count Category
Case covenant 1 Pages with broken file links, Quran Index of Subjects
Covenant parti 1 Pages with broken file links, Quran Index of Subjects
Diseas grievou 1 Pages with broken file links, Quran Index of Subjects
Diseas increas 1 Pages with broken file links, Quran Index of Subjects
Grievou penalti 1 Pages with broken file links, Quran Index of Subjects
Heart diseas 1 Quran Index of Subjects
Increas diseas 1 Pages with broken file links, Quran Index of Subjects
Incur fals 1 Pages with broken file links, Quran Index of Subjects
Parti throw 1 Pages with broken file links, Quran Index of Subjects
Penalti incur 1 Pages with broken file links, Quran Index of Subjects

Hadith Citation of Surat AlBaqara

The Following are Hadith that cited or mentioned Surat AlBaqara or a specific Ayah in Surat AlBaqara.

From Sahih AlBukhari

The following Hadith Cited Surat AlBaqara in Sahih AlBukhari
Hadith PageBook and ChapterHadith Grade
SahihAlBukhari-017-001-3276The Chapter on Recitation Of Surat Albaqara in HodHood Indexing
Chapter on The superiority of Surat AlBaqarah No2 in Sahih AlBukhari
Sahih AlBukhari
SahihAlBukhari-017-001-3285The Chapter on Horses And Makkah in HodHood Indexing
Chapter on The descent of AlSakinah and angels at the time of the recitation of the Quran in Sahih AlBukhari
Sahih AlBukhari
SahihAlBukhari-017-001-3309The Chapter on Recitation Of Surat Albaqara in HodHood Indexing
Chapter on Whoever thinks that there is no harm in saying Surat AlBaqarah or Surat soandso in Sahih AlBukhari
Sahih AlBukhari
SahihAlBukhari-017-001-3321The Chapter on Recitation Of Surat Albaqara in HodHood Indexing
Chapter on What is the proper period for reciting the whole Quran in Sahih AlBukhari
Sahih AlBukhari
SahihAlBukhari-017-001-3585The Chapter on Prostration And Eclipse Of The Sun in HodHood Indexing
Chapter on To be unthankful to the husband in Sahih AlBukhari
Sahih AlBukhari
SahihAlBukhari-017-001-3964The Chapter on Funerals And The Companions In Almadinah in HodHood Indexing
Chapter on The signs of Prophethood in Islam in Sahih AlBukhari
Sahih AlBukhari
SahihAlBukhari-017-001-5359The Chapter on Recitation Of Surat Albaqara in HodHood Indexing
Chapter on The sin of Riba its witness and its writer in Sahih AlBukhari
Sahih AlBukhari
SahihAlBukhari-017-001-5495The Chapter on Revelation Of Alquran in HodHood Indexing
Chapter on Trade of alcoholic drinks is illegal in Sahih AlBukhari
Sahih AlBukhari
SahihAlBukhari-017-001-5876The Chapter on Recitation Of Surat Albaqara in HodHood Indexing
Chapter on Rami of Jimar from the middle of the valley in Sahih AlBukhari
Sahih AlBukhari
SahihAlBukhari-017-001-5877The Chapter on Recitation Of Surat Albaqara in HodHood Indexing
Chapter on The Rami of the Jimar with seven small stones in Sahih AlBukhari
Sahih AlBukhari
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From Sahih Muslim

The following Hadith Cited Surat AlBaqara in Sahih Muslim
Hadith PageBook and ChapterHadith Grade
SahihMuslim-017-001-18289Chapter on 12 in Sahih MuslimSahih Muslim
SahihMuslim-017-001-18290The Chapter on Recitation Of Surat Albaqara in HodHood Indexing
Chapter on 12 in Sahih Muslim
Sahih Muslim

From Sunan AlNasai

The following Hadith Cited Surat AlBaqara in Sunan AlNasai
Hadith PageBook and ChapterHadith Grade
SunanAlNasai-017-001-16195The Chapter on Recitation Of Surat Albaqara in HodHood Indexing
Chapter on The Talbiyah In AlMuzdalifah in Sunan AlNasai
Sunan AlNasai
SunanAlNasai-017-001-16219The Chapter on Recitation Of Surat Albaqara in HodHood Indexing
Chapter on The Place From Which Jamratul Aqabah Is To Be Stoned in Sunan AlNasai
Sunan AlNasai
SunanAlNasai-017-001-16220The Chapter on Throwing The Jamarat in HodHood Indexing
Chapter on The Place From Which Jamratul Aqabah Is To Be Stoned in Sunan AlNasai
Sunan AlNasai
SunanAlNasai-017-001-16221The Chapter on Recitation Of Surat Albaqara in HodHood Indexing
Chapter on The Place From Which Jamratul Aqabah Is To Be Stoned in Sunan AlNasai
Sunan AlNasai
SunanAlNasai-017-001-16222The Chapter on Recitation Of Surat Albaqara in HodHood Indexing
Chapter on The Place From Which Jamratul Aqabah Is To Be Stoned in Sunan AlNasai
Sunan AlNasai
SunanAlNasai-017-001-16859The Chapter on in HodHood Indexing
Chapter on Another kind in Sunan AlNasai
Sunan AlNasai

From Sunan AlTermithi

The following Hadith Cited Surat AlBaqara in Sunan AlTermithi
Hadith PageBook and ChapterHadith Grade
SunanAlTermithi-017-001-8423The Chapter on Recitation Of Surat Albaqara in HodHood Indexing
Chapter on What Has Been Related About The Manner Of Stoning The Jimar in Sunan AlTermithi
Sunan AlTermithi
SunanAlTermithi-017-001-8576The Chapter on Recitation From Memory in HodHood Indexing
The Book of Chapters on The Virtues of the Quran in Sunan AlTermithi
Sunan AlTermithi
SunanAlTermithi-017-001-8577The Chapter on Glory And Praise To Allah In Recitation in HodHood Indexing
The Book of Chapters on The Virtues of the Quran in Sunan AlTermithi
Sunan AlTermithi
SunanAlTermithi-017-001-8582The Chapter on Recitation Of Surat Albaqara in HodHood Indexing
The Book of Chapters on The Virtues of the Quran in Sunan AlTermithi
Sunan AlTermithi
SunanAlTermithi-017-001-8583The Chapter on Recitation Of Surat Albaqara in HodHood Indexing
The Book of Chapters on The Virtues of the Quran in Sunan AlTermithi
Sunan AlTermithi
SunanAlTermithi-017-001-8584The Chapter on Recitations In Friday in HodHood Indexing
The Book of Chapters on The Virtues of the Quran in Sunan AlTermithi
Sunan AlTermithi

From Sunan Abu Dawoud

The following Hadith Cited Surat AlBaqara in Sunan Abu Dawoud
Hadith PageBook and ChapterHadith Grade
SunanAbuDawoud-017-001-24951The Chapter on Recitation Of Surat Albaqara in HodHood Indexing
Chapter on On The Dowry Being Some Actions That He Must Perform in Sunan Abu Dawoud
Sunan Abu Dawoud
SunanAbuDawoud-017-001-25639The Chapter on Recitation Of Surat Albaqara in HodHood Indexing
Chapter on Regarding Stoning The Jimar in Sunan Abu Dawoud
Sunan Abu Dawoud
SunanAbuDawoud-017-001-27850The Chapter on Glory And Praise To Allah In Recitation in HodHood Indexing
Chapter on What A Person Should Say In His Ruku And Prostration in Sunan Abu Dawoud
Sunan Abu Dawoud
SunanAbuDawoud-017-001-28028Chapter on The Blessings Of The Friday Prayer in Sunan Abu DawoudSunan Abu Dawoud
SunanAbuDawoud-017-001-28208The Chapter on The Recitation Of Companions in HodHood Indexing
Chapter on The prohibition of Khamr in Sunan Abu Dawoud
Sunan Abu Dawoud
SunanAbuDawoud-017-001-28735The Chapter on Recitations Of Mercy Suras in HodHood Indexing
Chapter on Regarding The Price Of Khamr And Deat Meat in Sunan Abu Dawoud
Sunan Abu Dawoud

Surah Index of Subjects

aaron carri, abandon homes, abid penalti, abraham causeth, abraham debas, abraham ismail, abraham left, abraham lord, abraham prayer, abraham show, abraham true, abrog forgotten, absenc calf, abstent wives, abund chosen, abund measur, abundantli knowledg, accept compens, accept intercess, accept servic, access path, access sacr, accomplish holi, accomplish power, account child, account forgiveth, account sin, account thoughtless, acquaint journey, acquaint wrong, act charity, act rightly, act soul, adam bow, adam dwell, adam lord, adam name, adam tell, address dai, admir behold, adore guardianlord, advanc meet, advantag exalt, advantag wrong, adversity period, adversity shaken, affair brethren, affair pilgrimag, afflict calam, afford afford, afford fast, ag command, ag donkei, age children, agre equit, ah bold, ah unjust, ah verily, ailment scalp, aim bad, aim fear, aim spread, alik clear, alik guidance, allot earn, allur nor, allur reject, allur unbeliev, altern night, ambigu import, amend openli, amount due, angel bow, angel creat, angel harut, angel messengers, angel symbol, angel train, angels book, angels books, angels mankind, angels tell, answer promis, apes despis, appear associ, appear jacob, appeareth creatur, appoint dai, appoint king, appoint night, appoint qibla, appoint talut, approach clean, approach leav, approach manner, approach nigh, approach tilth, approach tree, approach wive, arafat celebr, argument lord, ark covenant, armi tast, armies test, arrog crime, arrog reject, art exalt, art forgiv, art forgiving, art hearing, art perfect, art protector, art qibla, art returning, ask companion, assembli safeti, assist enemi, associ seek, associ wive, assur heart, assur hereaft, assur knoweth, assur secur, asund send, aught earn, aught knowledg, aught ow, aught truth, author ark, author fit, author pleaseth, authority gifted, avail compens, avail friendship, avail intercess, avow enemi, ayat reject
babylon angel, backslid clear, bad knoweth, bad order, bait judges, balanced wit, band ha, banish book, banish parti, baptism baptiz, baptiz whom, bare stone, bargain avail, barren rock, barter guidanc, bear blot, bear cost, bear earns, bear fruit, bear life, bear mind, bear treat, bear wit, bearer glad, beast kind, beauti loan, beckon fire, beckon grace, becom jew, bed lie, beg importun, begotten son, behalf lord, behav disgrac, behav wrongfulli, behest faith, behold angel, behold creation, behold lord, behold meet, behold penalti, behold safa, behold son, beli signs, believ grasp, believ reject, believ shall, believ slave, believ suffer, believ truth, believ unbeliev, believ unbeliever, believ woman, believ women, believed selfish, believeth angels, believeth reveal, belong east, belong heaven, belong power, belong return, belongeth dominion, belongeth heaven, benefit overflow, benefit soul, benefit souls, bent wicked, bequeath widow, bequest hear, bequest parent, beseech behalf, beseech lord, bestow abund, bestow fulfil, bestow prefer, bestow suitabl, betroth hold, bid conduct, birds draw, black thread, blame aim, blame decid, blame dispos, blame divorc, blame freedom, blame offer, blame provid, blame reduc, blame stai, blame unite, blasphem learn, blasphem solomon, blasphemi littl, blaze fire, blemish hast, bless mercy, blessing increas, blind fro, blind return, blind void, bliss forgiv, bliss forgiveness, bliss trial, blood flesh, blood home, blood whilst, blot sin, blot sins, bodi piec, bodili prowess, bold fire, bones bring, book backs, book clear, book desires, book guid, book guidanc, book hands, book judg, book pagan, book pagans, book purchas, book r, book reject, book schism, book sign, book son, book spend, book studi, book success, book threw, book truth, book turn, book wisdom, books distinct, bounti approach, bounti careth, bounti lord, bounti mankind, bounti portion, bounti provid, bounti world, bow adam, bow bow, bow celebr, bow head, bow ibli, bow islam, bow lord, bow progeni, bow prostrat, bow worship, break heareth, break promis, brethren mean, bring book, bring cloth, bring hide, bring life, bring low, bring lowli, bring remembr, bring revel, bring togeth, bringeth dead, brother slain, brought soul, brought therewith, brought truth, bui error, bui life, burden didst, burden greater, burden laid, burnt thu, buyer magic
calam belong, calf even, calf faithless, calf repent, calf worship, call cri, call evid, call impostors, call wit, calleth account, calleth listen, cancel chariti, canopi clouds, canopi rain, capit sum, captives ransom, careth knoweth, carri angel, carri spot, case blame, case covenant, case judg, case murder, catch turn, cattl loveth, caught whirlwind, caus die, causeth sun, ceas fight, cease forgiving, cease hostil, celebr due, celebr prais, celebrated zeal, certainti meet, chanc grate, chanc guid, chanc righteous, chance clear, chang transgressor, changeth faith, chargeabl decid, chariti backslid, chariti bow, chariti devotion, chariti fulfil, chariti injuri, chariti loveth, chariti remind, chariti send, chariti spend, chariti whatev, charity conceal, charity knew, charity reward, check mean, cherish heart, cherish univers, chief children, child heir, child nor, children israel, children strong, choos special, choose witnesses, chose render, chose wrangle, chosen faith, chosen gift, christian ah, christian guid, christian jew, christian naught, christian sabians, christian satisfi, christian vain, citi peac, citi peace, clean purifi, clear book, clear clear, clear error, clear mankind, clear penalty, clear sign, clear signs, clear thu, close ey, close listen, cloth equit, cloth flesh, cloud manna, cloud sky, cloud trail, clouds angel, colour fawncolour, cometh sign, command evil, command fight, command repeatedli, command sacrific, commands fulfil, commerci contract, companion blaze, companion fire, companion garden, companion pure, compass aught, compass retreat, compass sin, compens accept, compens fast, compens handsom, compens help, complet fast, complet favour, complet hajj, complet prescrib, complet send, complet term, comprehend heavens, compuls religion, conceal calleth, conceal clear, conceal evid, conceal reach, conceal reveal, conceal testimoni, conceal truth, concerned wrong, concess merci, condemn forget, condit wish, conduct fear, conduct forget, conduct unseemli, confirm guid, confirm guidanc, confirm parti, confirm revel, confirm why, confound arrog, consent due, consent guid, consign grievou, constanc step, constantli love, consultation blame, consumm fixat, consummation fixat, contenti enemi, continu umra, contract firm, contract futur, contract scribe, contract term, contribut destruct, contumaci grace, conveni prevent, convenient security, convinc meet, cope goliath, corn groweth, cost food, couch heaven, count sin, cours hurt, courses approach, coven abraham, coven children, coven effect, coven fear, coven fulfil, coven rais, coven ratified, covenant assur, covenant parti, cover fault, cover humili, cover truth, creat chanc, creat earth, creat viceger, creat wombs, creation heaven, creatur nor, creatur ungrat, credit multipli, cri ah, cri deaf, crime bring, crime enough, crime seek, criterion wrong, crop cattl, cross river, cucumbers garlic, curs angels, curs blasphemi, curs entitl, curs faith, curse curs, cut bodi
dai bargain, dai brought, dai fulfil, dai hajj, dai hard, dai hardship, dai hasten, dai husband, dai intend, dai journey, dai judgment, dai parabl, dai promis, dai resurrect, dai return, dai soul, dai thi, dai virtu, dai yea, dark companion, dark grow, dark lead, darkness thu, darkness thunder, datepalm vine, david slew, dawn distinct, days blame, daze thunder, dazzl call, dead beast, dead life, dead meat, dead nay, dead repli, deaf dumb, deal transact, deal unjustly, dealt unjustli, death abraham, death account, death appear, death approach, death caus, death chanc, death die, death life, death reject, death sincer, debas soul, debtor difficulty, deceiv deceiv, deceiv realis, decid foster, decid weaning, declar truth, decreeth matter, deed chariti, deed regret, deed righteous, deed righteousness, deed wrong, defend torment, deficient weak, degre advantag, degre honour, deliv pharaoh, demand compens, demand usury, deni prevent, deni revel, deposit trust, depriv usuri, depth dark, descend bless, design comprehend, desir complet, desir know, desir knowledg, desir produc, desir puf, desires conjectur, desist pardon, despis reject, destroi crop, destruct loveth, devotion wrong, devour usuri, devout frame, dictat faithfully, dictate fear, dictate guardian, didst lai, didst tarri, didst turn, die bring, die faith, die leav, die reject, die rejecting, die restor, die unbelief, die years, differ bow, differ guid, differ peopl, differ selfish, difficulti complet, difficulti exalt, difficulty grant, diminish aught, direct astrai, direct book, direct lord, direct sacr, discharg trust, disclos act, discord wife, disdain reduc, disdain similitud, diseas grievou, diseas increas, disgrac exceed, disgrac life, dislik dislik, dislik love, disobedience transgress, disobei drink, dispos reason, disput abraham, disput bent, disput book, disput crime, disput lord, distinct black, distinct hear, divid sea, divorc case, divorc consummation, divorc permiss, divorc wife, divorc women, divorce heareth, do sincer, doe garden, dominion heaven, donkei sign, doom book, door fear, doth burden, doth clear, doth extend, doth guid, doth guidanc, doubl credit, doubl increas, doubt fear, doubt reveal, doubt transact, dower bestow, dower due, dower half, drank cross, draw cut, drawn wrath, drew wrath, drink armi, drink heart, drink sign, drink susten, drink white, drive member, drive torment, driven mad, drown pharaoh, due consultation, due fear, due limits, due primal, due punish, due remit, due rite, dumb blind, duti obscenity, duti righteou, dwell wife, dwelling mean
ear ear, ear grain, ear signs, ear stun, earn guideth, earn pleasur, earn prai, earn quick, earned dealt, earned fruit, earns suffer, ears ear, earth altern, earth couch, earth dead, earth decreeth, earth destroi, earth dwelling, earth feeleth, earth full, earth grow, earth groweth, earth interced, earth law, earth loss, earth moreov, earth patron, earth produc, earth render, earth reveal, earth sign, earth whether, earth why, earth wilt, earth winds, easi repai, east rise, east west, eat bounti, eat drink, eat plenti, eat properti, eat wrongfulli, effect full, effect shed, effect worship, encount suffer, endow gift, endow gifts, endur food, enemi angel, enemi gabriel, enemi guilt, enemi reject, enemy prai, enforc penalti, engag argument, enjoin conduct, enmiti earth, enough hell, enter fear, enter garden, enter gate, enter hous, enter islam, enter paradis, enter town, entertain hope, entitl curse, envi grace, envy truth, equal love, equal prescrib, equal transgress, equaliti save, equit degre, equit term, equit terms, error guidanc, error lord, error reject, error traffic, errs remind, establish regular, eternal slumber, even behav, even forgiv, even wert, everi fed, evid conceal, evid disdain, evidence conveni, evil acquaint, evil avow, evil bed, evil believ, evil gave, evil girt, evil jest, evil light, evil mischief, evil reward, evil shame, evil shameful, evil teach, evil threaten, evil touch, exalt might, exalt power, exce limit, exceed torment, exchang wors, excus drank, excus oath, exercis author, exercis authority, exil fought, extend heaven, ey free, ey veil
face direct, face earth, face ground, face guidanc, face toward, face whatev, facil difficulti, fact book, fact ruin, faculti hear, fain deceiv, fair steadfast, faith beli, faith believ, faith believeth, faith ceas, faith cease, faith cri, faith depth, faith die, faith effect, faith enter, faith entertain, faith faith, faith griev, faith grievou, faith guard, faith hear, faith heart, faith indeed, faith islam, faith last, faith m, faith mean, faith meet, faith nor, faith overflow, faith patron, faith peopl, faith reassur, faith righteou, faith righteousness, faith scoff, faith sell, faith shout, faith turn, faith unbelief, faith warn, faith word, faith wrong, faithfulli discharg, faithfulli parti, faithfully witnesses, faithless vile, fall error, fall make, fall rain, fals power, falsehood conceal, famili aaron, famili command, famili mose, fast dai, fast feed, fast fix, fast prescrib, fast till, fasting journey, fasts approach, father account, father desir, father father, father void, fathers abraham, fatigu guard, fault chariti, fault increas, favour bestow, favour fact, favour mai, favour receiv, favour substitut, fawncolour heifer, fear acquaint, fear complet, fear dai, fear death, fear disgrac, fear enemy, fear enter, fear fear, fear fire, fear gather, fear griev, fear hunger, fear led, fear lord, fear meet, fear partial, fear prosper, fear remain, fear rest, fear restrain, fear see, fear strict, fear teach, fear unabl, fear unmind, fed fruit, fed similitud, feed fruit, feed fruits, feed indig, feed poor, feel limit, feeleth fatigu, felic enmiti, fell disput, fertil rain, field blemish, fight command, fight faith, fight fight, fight grave, fight heareth, fight prescrib, fight prohibit, fight refus, fight sacr, fight slai, fight transgress, fight tumult, fight turn, finger ear, fire abid, fire address, fire beckon, fire burn, fire burnt, fire dwel, fire dwell, fire fuel, fire light, fire therein, fire touch, firm divorce, firm patient, firm reject, firmament perfect, firmli bring, firmli faith, firmli hearken, fit enter, fit exercis, fix dai, fix period, fixat dower, flesh shown, flesh swine, flow everi, flow kind, folli chose, follow reveal, food beseech, food cloth, food drink, fool nay, fool turn, foot riding, footstep evil, forbid place, forbidden dead, forbidden usuri, forc convinc, forc necessity, forc vanquish, forces prai, forgav associ, forget fall, forget liber, forget practis, forgiv ah, forgiv bounti, forgiv chanc, forgiv fault, forgiv forgiv, forgiv forgiving, forgiv merci, forgiv overlook, forgiv return, forgiv returning, forgiveness lord, forgiveness make, forgiveth pleaseth, forgiving forbear, forgiving merci, forgotten substitut, forsak path, foster offspring, fought clear, fought fulfilleth, fought strove, foundat hous, frame mind, free equit, free forbear, free free, free shalt, free slave, free worthi, freedom limit, friendship intercess, fruit deed, fruit earth, fruit life, fruit merit, fruit stricken, fruit susten, fruit therefrom, fruit toil, fuel stones, fulfil contract, fulfil coven, fulfil imam, fulfil knoweth, fulfil term, fulfilleth plan, full bounti, full kind, full kindness, full knowledg, full mischief, futur oblig, futur period
gabriel bring, gabriel michael, gain evil, gambl sin, garden bliss, garden date, garden datepalm, garden eat, garden fertil, garden state, garden therein, gardens river, garlic lentils, garment garment, garment knoweth, gate humil, gate humility, gave clear, gave fals, gave jesu, gave life, gave mose, gave order, gave power, gave shade, gener fought, generos injury, gift abundantli, gift reason, gift remind, gift wealthi, gift wives, gifted wealth, gifts spoke, girl unbeliev, girt sins, giveth life, giveth manifold, giveth plenty, glad tide, glori knowledg, glori nay, glorifi guid, glorifi holi, goal turn, goatherd listen, god father, god fathers, god god, god graciou, god gracious, goliath forc, goliath forces, goliath gave, good bequest, good live, good night, grace abound, grace garden, grace guid, grace merci, grace send, gracious merci, grain corn, grain giveth, grant forgiv, grant life, grant pleasur, grant pleasure, grant power, grant reason, grant receiveth, grant till, granteth author, granteth wisdom, grasp messag, grasp trustworthi, grate reject, grate worship, gratitude concess, grave offenc, grave penalti, graver sight, greater bear, greater profit, greater strength, greedi life, grievou penalti, grievou punish, grievou wrong, ground disput, group knew, grow stand, groweth ears, guard dai, guard evil, guard preserv, guard soul, guard strictli, guardian dictat, guardianlord creat, guid aright, guid believ, guid faith, guid mankind, guid path, guid perchanc, guid salvat, guidanc doubt, guidanc error, guidanc glad, guidanc heaven, guidanc judgment, guidanc torment, guidanc unjust, guidanc wert, guidanc whosoev, guidance clear, guidance fear, guidance lord, guidance will, guideth reject, guideth wai, guilt hear, guilt rancour, guiltless forgiv, gush split, gush therefrom
ha full, ha order, ha taught, habit prayers, hajj dai, hajj knoweth, hajj month, hajj offering, hajj umra, half dower, half nearest, half remit, hamlet ruin, hand acquaint, hand contribut, hand gain, hand marriag, hands saythi, handsom gratitude, happi hereaft, hard barren, hard bring, hard rock, hard task, harden rock, hardship ransom, harm harm, harm profit, harm soul, harm transgress, harm wicked, harut marut, harvest receiv, hast brought, hast tarri, hasten leav, haughti reject, head bow, head offer, hear disobei, hear guilt, hear obei, hear power, heareth knoweth, hearing ey, hearing know, hearken faith, hearken law, heart alik, heart assur, heart birds, heart cherish, heart content, heart contenti, heart diseas, heart forgiving, heart ha, heart harden, heart hear, heart hearing, heart secret, heart soul, heart taint, heart wrap, heartedli footstep, hearts heed, heaven brought, heaven canopi, heaven earth, heaven infring, heaven shall, heavens gave, heavi rain, heed forgiving, heel faith, heifer alik, heifer heifer, heifer makest, heifer pure, heifer thu, heifer train, heifer young, height mount, heir chargeabl, hell evil, helper doubt, hereaft compani, hereaft companion, hereaft orphan, hereaft penalti, hereaft rank, hereaft vile, hereafter defend, hereafter tide, hide creat, high suprem, highest truth, himself dictate, hold break, hold firmli, hold heart, hold lord, hold togeth, holi abid, holi rites, holi spirit, home assist, home famili, home solemnli, home specially, homes thousand, honour earned, honour jesu, honourable resolv, hope merci, hostil practis, hous assembli, hous compass, hous prayer, hous proper, hous season, hous virtu, household precinct, humili miseri, humili punish, humility postur, hunger loss, hurt pollut, husband divorc, husband period, husbands mutual
lai burden, lai lord, laid greater, last angels, last dai, last righteousness, laughingstock save, law banish, law equal, law equaliti, law footstep, law hear, law hide, law men, lead depth, lead light, lead path, learn harm, learn mean, learnt adam, leav bare, leav days, leav good, leav residence, leav widow, led arrog, left famili, left sons, left utter, legaci abraham, lentils onion, lesson fear, li ha, li spirit, liabil dictate, liabl mental, liber see, life allur, life dai, life death, life die, life earn, life full, life gave, life hereaft, life mai, life price, life return, life save, life showeth, life therewith, life year, light lead, light left, light light, light look, light moistur, light reject, light walk, lighten help, lightened respit, lightn press, lightn snatch, like spend, likewis fear, limit approach, limit grave, limit loveth, limit ordain, listen call, listen prayer, listen walk, live fruit, living perceiv, living selfsubsisting, loan beauti, loan doubl, lord accept, lord angel, lord bounti, lord bow, lord cherish, lord choos, lord citi, lord command, lord commands, lord conceal, lord condemn, lord creat, lord desist, lord differ, lord diminish, lord doubt, lord exce, lord faith, lord fear, lord giveth, lord grace, lord grant, lord hereafter, lord journei, lord knew, lord lai, lord lord, lord muslim, lord muslims, lord nor, lord pilgrimag, lord plain, lord pour, lord produc, lord prosper, lord rais, lord reject, lord relic, lord respons, lord return, lord send, lord turn, lord understand, lord unmind, lord word, loss good, lost direction, love bad, love constantli, love faith, love kin, love love, love pure, love unright, loveth creatur, loveth mischief, loveth transgressor, lowest highest, lowli spirit
m left, m thi, mad trade, magic babylon, magic share, mai consent, mai dazzl, mai fight, mainten provid, mainten resid, make peac, make plain, make sign, make yield, maker slai, maker turn, makest laughingstock, manifest forgiv, manifest sign, manifestly daze, manifold increas, mankind celebr, mankind clear, mankind rain, mankind singl, mankind ungrat, manna quail, manna quails, manner acquaint, manner ordain, manner taught, mari clear, mari gave, mark beg, mark fix, marri girl, marri husband, marri husbands, marri marri, marri unbeliev, marriag term, marriag tie, marut taught, marwa symbol, matter differ, matter sabbath, matter saith, mean earth, mean livelihood, mean mischief, mean similitud, mean sow, mean wished, means gift, means poor, meat blood, meet evil, meet faith, meet goliath, meet hereaft, meet hereafter, meet lord, meet privat, meet private, member tumult, men gift, mental deficient, merci art, merci forgiv, merci forgiving, merci lord, merci lost, mercy receiv, mere sip, merit question, messag understand, messenger path, messengers gabriel, middl ag, middl prayer, might wise, mighty wise, mind certainti, mind conceal, mind gener, mind special, mischief earth, mischief face, mischief full, mischief mean, mischief realis, mischief shed, miser price, miser profit, miseri drew, mix affair, mockeri rope, modesty free, moistur sufficeth, momentous guid, month dai, month fight, month ordain, month prohibit, month qur, month spend, month undertak, monthli period, monument celebr, moon sign, moreov design, mose book, mose clear, mose command, mose endur, mose famili, mose jesus, mose manifest, mose manifestly, mose prai, mose prophet, mose question, mose scriptur, moses absenc, mosqu fear, mosqu limit, mosqu truth, mosqu wheresoev, mosqu wherev, mosque drive, mosque fight, mother offspr, mount arafat, mount sinai, mountaintops swiftli, multipli time, murder free, muslim bow, muslims bow, mutual agre, mutual consent
pace usual, pagans lord, pai offered, paid earned, pain suffer, panic such, parabl hard, parabl reject, parabl spend, paradis jew, pardon past, parent kin, parent kindr, parent kindred, parti book, parti concerned, parti fear, parti hold, parti home, parti liabl, parti pervert, parti scribe, parti throw, partial wrong, pass encount, pass hamlet, pass quick, pass reap, past case, path deni, path pleaseth, path schism, path set, path straight, path stray, patient pain, patient persev, patient persever, patient persevere, patron evil, patron helper, peac condit, peac parti, peac person, peace feed, penalti belong, penalti incur, penalti lighten, penalti lightened, penalti unmind, penalty relat, peopl book, perchanc fear, perchanc grate, perchanc understand, perfect firmament, perfect knowledg, perhap nay, period affair, period glorifi, period juster, period nor, period panic, period reconcili, period reduc, period should, permiss learn, permiss parti, permit night, permit trade, permitteth knoweth, persever prayer, person hear, person heareth, person wrong, pervert knowingli, pharaoh hard, pharaoh sight, piec heifer, piec scatter, pilgrimag pour, pilgrimag virtu, place worship, plagu heaven, plain colour, plain heifer, plain understand, plead imam, pleas thu, pleaseth careth, pleaseth power, pleaseth punisheth, pleaseth whatev, pleaseth wisdom, pleasur full, pleasure drive, pledg possess, plenti enter, plenty return, pollut women, poor means, poor offer, portion gardens, portion hereaft, possess serv, posterity lesson, postur words, potherbs cucumbers, pour constanc, pour mount, poverti bid, power abraham, power solomon, power strongli, power wisdom, power wise, practic regular, practis oppress, practis regular, practis scriptur, prai foot, prai lord, prai strike, prai victori, prais appoint, prais celebr, prais direct, prais fathers, prais glori, prais glorifi, prais manner, prais sacr, prayer coven, prayer hard, prayer lord, prayer patient, prayer practic, prayer practis, prayer regular, prayer spend, prayer stand, prayer suppliant, prayers middl, precinct sacr, prefer messag, prepar reject, prescrib case, prescrib dislik, prescrib fulfil, prescrib period, prescrib prescrib, prescrib restraint, prescrib should, prescribed death, presenc permitteth, presenc pervading, present month, preserv high, press finger, prevail justic, prevent access, prevent complet, prevent doubt, prevent marri, price fear, price hereaft, price sell, price sold, price woe, pride call, primal origin, private shall, produc aim, produc earth, produc proof, produc sura, profess book, profit help, profit knew, profit mankind, profit sin, profit spend, profitless lost, progeni muslim, prohibit month, prohibit transgress, promis break, promis reach, promiseth forgiv, proof truth, proper door, properti vaniti, properti vanities, prophet appoint, prophet lord, prophet time, prostrat prayer, protector faith, protector help, protector helper, protector stand, provid dai, provid evil, provid feel, provid grate, provid pai, provid reason, provid rebel, provis conduct, provis journey, prowess granteth, public reward, puf pride, punish reject, punish see, punisheth pleaseth, punishments slaughter, purchas miser, pure clean, pure hereaft, pure holi, pure rich, purifi approach, purifi grievou
r book, r thi, race toward, rain fall, rain heaven, rain leav, rain light, rain send, rainladen cloud, rais dead, rais death, rais degre, rais didst, rais father, rais foundat, rais tower, ramadhan month, rancour captives, rank righteou, ransom feed, ransom law, ransom slave, ratified bear, ratified sunder, reach evildo, reach remov, reach sacrific, reach wert, reach wouldst, reap fruit, reason amount, reason demand, reason exalt, reason manner, reason scale, reason us, reason usag, reassur heart, rebel harm, rebel transgress, receiv close, receiv direct, receiv guidanc, receiv heavi, receiv rehears, receiveth benefit, recognised refus, reconcili women, reduc write, refus call, refus curs, refus fight, refus ha, refus haughti, regret nor, regular chariti, regular charity, regular prayer, rehears sign, rehears signs, rehears truth, reject evil, reject faith, reject pervers, reject rest, reject sign, reject truth, reject willed, relat cut, relic left, religion abraham, religion baptism, religion guid, religion guidanc, religion truth, remain demand, rememb abraham, rememb appoint, rememb coven, rememb divid, rememb enter, rememb gave, rememb grate, rememb hous, rememb mose, rememb rememb, rememb slew, remember deliv, remembr perchanc, remind generos, remind wit, remiss brother, remit charity, remit hand, remov stain, render dealt, render pure, render worship, repai remit, repeat offenc, repent amend, repent maker, repli faith, resid leav, residence blame, resolv tie, respect hearken, respit lot, respons do, rest reward, restor life, restrict travel, resurrect bestow, resurrect nor, retreat bow, retreat mosqu, return dai, return forg, return forgiving, return path, returning merci, reveal conceal, reveal confirm, reveal engag, reveal lord, reveal nai, reveal servant, revel abraham, revel abrog, revel book, revel heart, revel insol, revel reject, reward behav, reward lord, reward suppress, rich tone, riding convenient, right equit, right similar, righteou dai, righteous face, righteous forget, righteousness companion, righteousness establish, righteousness last, righteousness portion, righteousness reward, rightly make, rise east, rise west, rite merci, rites celebr, rival truth, river flow, river gush, rock river, rock soil, rock staff, rock wors, roof oh, rope trespass, rout david, ruin fit, ruin roof, run harm
sabbath apes, sacr monument, sacr mosqu, sacr mosque, sacrific ailment, sacrific heifer, sacrific peac, sacrifice shave, safa marwa, safeti station, sail ship, salvat nai, sanctifi art, sanctifi hous, sanctifi instruct, satan slip, satisfi religion, save drown, save due, save ignor, save life, save taught, saythi traffic, scale thi, scalp necessit, scatter earth, scatter mountain, scatter mountaintops, schism far, schism suffic, scoff righteou, scribe faithfulli, scribe pledg, scribe refus, scribe wit, scriptur criterion, scriptur understand, scriptur wisdom, scriptures christian, sea save, seal hear, seal heart, season times, secret contract, secret heaven, secret public, secretli turn, secur lord, security celebr, seek bounti, seek death, seek disput, seek face, seek forgiv, seek forgiveness, seek gain, seek ordain, seek patient, seek strengthen, seek trade, seiz sleep, selfish contumaci, selfish envy, selfsubsisting eternal, sell sign, sell souls, send offer, send rehears, send servant, send sink, send ski, send skies, send soul, separ kind, serv deposit, servant close, servant pleas, servant produc, servic art, servic prevent, set path, settl question, shade cloud, shaken spirit, shall fool, shall qibla, shall reveal, shalt unfail, shameful knowledg, share happi, shave head, shaving compens, shed blood, ship ocean, should dai, shout goatherd, show lord, showeth sign, shown power, sight light, sight maker, sight prevent, sight suitabl, sign ag, sign author, sign ayat, sign bones, sign chose, sign clear, sign differ, sign exalt, sign guid, sign guidanc, sign guidance, sign hold, sign instruct, sign jest, sign mark, sign order, sign perchanc, sign price, sign qibla, sign rehears, sign restraint, sign slai, sign strengthen, sign wise, sign word, sign worship, signs companion, signs sanctifi, signs strengthen, similar favour, similar import, similar knowest, similar right, similitud companion, similitud kindl, similitud pass, similitud rain, similitud rainladen, similitud stray, similitud things, sin greater, sin hand, sin knoweth, sin obeyeth, sin profit, sinai hold, sincer faith, singl nation, sink fear, sins grant, sip excus, skies life, sky earth, sky zone, slai banish, slai catch, slai such, slai thi, slai wrong, slain dead, slain grant, slain prophet, slaughter fight, slaughter nor, slaughter son, slave believ, slave sky, slave slave, slave steadfast, slave woman, sleep heaven, slew fell, slew goliath, slip garden, slumber seiz, snatch sight, soil fall, soil field, sold souls, solemnli ratified, solemnli rehears, solomon blasphem, solomon evil, son chosen, son conceal, son glori, son mari, son womenfolk, son worship, sons jacob, soul avail, soul burden, soul doth, soul fear, soul folli, soul lord, soul paid, soul see, soul treat, souls deni, souls garden, souls knew, souls seek, sow discord, speak fair, speaketh cometh, special favour, special merci, specially seek, spend bounti, spend chariti, spend fasting, spend good, spend parent, spend provid, spend substanc, spend substance, spend thu, spirit desir, spirit faith, spirit willed, split asund, spoke rais, spot blame, spread mischief, spring group, staff gush, stai blame, stain evil, stand christian, stand clear, stand devout, stand evil, stand faith, stand stand, stand willed, stand yet, startest face, state felic, station abraham, steadfast prayer, steadfastli persever, step firm, stone aught, strai doubt, stray forsak, stray lead, stream drink, stream flow, strength bear, strengthen holi, strengthen souls, stricken age, strict punish, strictli habit, strike bodi, strike rock, strive race, strongli enforc, strove struggl, struggl path, studi reject, stun thunderclap, substanc gift, substanc grain, substanc hand, substanc last, substance love, substance seek, substitut similar, substitut strict, succeed gener, success gave, such limit, such reward, such trial, such truth, suffer adversity, suffer earn, suffer exil, suffer harm, suffic hearing, sufficeth seeth, suitabl evid, suitabl evidence, suitabl gift, sum deal, sun rise, sunder ha, sundri assur, suppliant calleth, suppress faith, suprem glori, sura thereunto, sureti fools, surety mischief, susten provid, susten rival, swallow naught, swiftli mighty, swine invok, symbol faith, symbol visit
taint calf, taint sin, talut armies, talut king, tarri perhap, tarri year, task punishments, tast mere, taught adam, taught incur, taught knew, taught such, taught truth, taught will, teach acquaint, teach magic, tell name, term bear, term blame, term fear, term free, term honour, term honourable, term iddat, term injur, term prescrib, term soul, term thi, terms separ, terror death, test fear, test heel, test stream, testator make, testimoni unmind, thenceforth heart, therefrom spring, therefrom why, therein abid, thereto thu, thereunto wit, therewith earth, therewith fruit, thi book, thi cope, thi duti, thi household, thi instruct, thi rebel, thi reject, things lowest, thinks modesty, thoughtless oaths, thousand fear, thread complet, thread dawn, threaten poverti, threw book, throne doth, throw mockeri, thu bringeth, thu confound, thu doth, thu drawn, thu fruit, thunder light, thunder lightn, thunderclap terror, thus ummat, tide patient, tide righteous, tide righteousness, tide warn, tide warner, tie marriag, tie remiss, till accomplish, till easi, till night, tilth act, tilth approach, time giveth, times compass, togeth equit, togeth power, toil glad, tone admir, torment fire, torment forgiv, touch driven, touch number, toward east, toward wheresoev, tower height, town cover, town eat, trade forbidden, trade ignor, trade usury, traffic miser, traffic profitless, trail slave, train question, train soil, transact carri, transact involv, transgress due, transgress li, transgress likewis, transgress limit, transgress matter, transgress prohibit, transgress transgress, transgressor chang, transgressor plagu, travel seek, treat kind, treat unfairli, tree run, tremend trial, trespass wander, trial blasphem, trial lord, trial pass, tribe jew, tribes mose, true bow, true join, trust fear, trust trust, trust truste, truste faithfulli, trustworthi hold, truth art, truth bear, truth bearer, truth confirm, truth differ, truth fals, truth falsehood, truth fear, truth judg, truth lord, truth manifest, truth offer, truth seek, truth stand, tumult oppress, tumult oppression, turn aim, turn band, turn face, turn faith, turn forgav, turn forgiv, turn grace, turn home, turn infidel, turn qibla, turn religion, turn returning, turn strive, turn tumult, turn vision, type life
wai father, wai straight, wait canopi, wait month, wait monthli, walk dark, wander blind, war capit, warn book, warn warn, warner question, wast test, wayfarer ransom, weak unabl, wealth abund, wealthi means, weaning mutual, wert bring, wert desir, wert indeed, wert vain, west guideth, west righteousness, west thu, west whithersoev, whatev be, whatev benefit, whatev render, whatev spend, whencesoev startest, wheresoev bring, wheresoev turn, wherev face, whether mind, whilst celebr, whirlwind fire, white thread, whithersoev presenc, whom worship, whosoev guidance, why fed, why peac, why slain, why speaketh, wicked fear, wickedness wrangl, widow bequeath, widow wait, wife garden, wife harm, wife irrevocably, wil disobedi, wil disobedience, will check, willed faculti, willed fought, willed succeed, willeth throne, wilt greedi, wilt mischief, winds cloud, wine gambl, wisdom grant, wisdom guidanc, wisdom instruct, wisdom knowledg, wisdom pleaseth, wisdom sanctifi, wisdom taught, wish continu, wish life, wished difficulti, wit appoint, wit commerci, wit death, wit heart, wit helper, wit nations, wit refus, wit suffer, witnesses errs, witnesses women, wive garment, wive retreat, wive tilth, wives parti, wives wait, woe book, woe hand, woman allur, woman believ, woman remiss, woman woman, wombs faith, women choose, women consumm, women cours, women courses, women fulfil, women idolaters, women mainten, women right, women wait, womenfolk tremend, word ambigu, word cover, word inspiration, word respect, word similar, words forgiv, work bear, wors hard, wors slaughter, wors town, worship calf, worship equal, worship god, worship grievou, worship treat, worship worship, worthi prais, wouldst protector, wrangl hajj, wrangle believ, wrap preserv, wrath humili, wrath thi, wrath wrath, write contract, write scribe, write wit, wrong chanc, wrong forg, wrong forgiv, wrong forgiving, wrong helper, wrong present, wrong sight, wrong soul, wrong testator, wrong themselv, wrong worship, wrongfulli knowingli

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