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Quran Ayah in Quran Sub Topic 08-00

The following Ayat belong to Quran Sub Topic 08-00.
Sura PageSurat and AyahPolaritySura ClassificationSura SequenceRelated SubjectsAyah Text
Surat Alaaraf Ayah 177Surat Alaaraf-0.7737Evil as an example are people who reject Our signs and wrong their own souls.
Surat Hood Ayah 22Surat Hood-0.7247Without a doubt, these are the very ones who will lose most in the Hereafter!
Surat AlShura Ayah 21Surat AlShura-0.6347What! have they partners (in godhead), who have established for them some religion without the permission of Allah? Had it not been for the Decree of Judgment, the matter would have been decided between them (at once). But verily the Wrong-doers will have a grievous Penalty.
Surat Saba Ayah 31Surat Saba-0.654The Unbelievers say: "We shall neither believe in this scripture nor in (any) that (came) before it." Couldst thou but see when the wrong-doers will be made to stand before their Lord, throwing back the word (of blame) on one another! Those who had been despised will say to the arrogant ones: "Had it not been for you, we should certainly have been believers!"
Surat AlAnbiya Ayah 14Surat AlAnbiya-0.5855They said: "Ah! woe to us! We were indeed wrong-doers!"
Surat AlWaqiah Ayah 92Surat AlWaqiah-0.5542And if he be of those who treat (Truth) as Falsehood, who go wrong,
Surat AlAnam Ayah 21Surat AlAnam-0.5367Who doth more wrong than he who inventeth a lie against Allah or rejecteth His signs? But verily the wrong-doers never shall prosper.
Surat AlNisa Ayah 138Surat AlNisa-0.5292To the Hypocrites give the glad tidings that there is for them (but) a grievous penalty;-
Surat Hood Ayah 93Surat Hood-0.4947"And O my people! Do whatever ye can: I will do (my part): Soon will ye know who it is on whom descends the penalty of ignominy; and who is a liar! and watch ye! for I too am watching with you!"
Surat AlImran Ayah 94Surat AlImran-0.4789If any, after this, invent a lie and attribute it to Allah, they are indeed unjust wrong-doers.
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