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Quran Ayah in Quran Sub Topic 59-00

The following Ayat belong to Quran Sub Topic 59-00.
Sura PageSurat and AyahPolaritySura ClassificationSura SequenceRelated SubjectsAyah Text
Surat Fussilat Ayah 39Surat Fussilat-0.658And among His Signs in this: thou seest the earth barren and desolate; but when We send down rain to it, it is stirred to life and yields increase. Truly, He Who gives life to the (dead) earth can surely give life to (men) who are dead. For He has power over all things.
Surat AlMuminun Ayah 18Surat AlMuminun-0.653And We send down water from the sky according to (due) measure, and We cause it to soak in the soil; and We certainly are able to drain it off (with ease).
Surat AlAhqaf Ayah 24Surat AlAhqaf-0.5963Then, when they saw the (Penalty in the shape of) a cloud traversing the sky, coming to meet their valleys, they said, "This cloud will give us rain!" "Nay, it is the (Calamity) ye were asking to be hastened!- A wind wherein is a Grievous Penalty!
Surat AlJathiya Ayah 24Surat AlJathiya-0.5562And they say: "What is there but our life in this world? We shall die and we live, and nothing but time can destroy us." But of that they have no knowledge: they merely conjecture:
Surat AlRum Ayah 19Surat AlRum-0.5580It is He Who brings out the living from the dead, and brings out the dead from the living, and Who gives life to the earth after it is dead: and thus shall ye be brought out (from the dead).
Surat AlAnam Ayah 95Surat AlAnam-0.4767It is Allah Who causeth the seed-grain and the date-stone to split and sprout. He causeth the living to issue from the dead, and He is the one to cause the dead to issue from the living. That is Allah: then how are ye deluded away from the truth?
Surat Yunus Ayah 31Surat Yunus-0.4249Say: "Who is it that sustains you (in life) from the sky and from the earth? or who is it that has power over hearing and sight? And who is it that brings out the living from the dead and the dead from the living? and who is it that rules and regulates all affairs?" They will soon say, "Allah". Say, "will ye not then show piety (to Him)?"
Surat AlMuminun Ayah 37Surat AlMuminun-0.4153"There is nothing but our life in this world! We shall die and we live! But we shall never be raised up again!
Surat AlAnfal Ayah 32Surat AlAnfal-0.3888Remember how they said: "O Allah if this is indeed the Truth from Thee, rain down on us a shower of stones form the sky, or send us a grievous penalty."
Surat AlIsra Ayah 51Surat AlIsra-0.3346"Or created matter which, in your minds, is hardest (to be raised up), - (Yet shall ye be raised up)!" then will they say: "Who will cause us to return?" Say: "He who created you first!" Then will they wag their heads towards thee, and say, "When will that be?" Say, "May be it will be quite soon!
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