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Sura PageAyah TextSurah Chronology Sequence
Surat AlAlaq Ayah 4He Who taught (the use of) the pen, -1
Surat AlAlaq Ayah 14Knoweth he not that Allah doth see?1
Surat AlAlaq Ayah 9Seest thou one who forbids-1
Surat AlAlaq Ayah 19Nay, heed him not: But bow down in adoration, and bring thyself the closer (to Allah)!1
Surat AlAlaq Ayah 10A votary when he (turns) to pray?1
Surat AlAlaq Ayah 5Taught man that which he knew not.1
Surat AlAlaq Ayah 15Let him beware! If he desist not, We will drag him by the forelock, -1
Surat AlAlaq Ayah 1Proclaim! (or read!) in the name of thy Lord and Cherisher, Who created-1
Surat AlAlaq Ayah 11Seest thou if he is on (the road of) Guidance?-1
Surat AlAlaq Ayah 6Nay, but man doth transgress all bounds,1
Surat AlAlaq Ayah 16A lying, sinful forelock!1
Surat AlAlaq Ayah 2Created man, out of a (mere) clot of congealed blood:1
Surat AlAlaq Ayah 12Or enjoins Righteousness?1
Surat AlAlaq Ayah 7In that he looketh upon himself as self-sufficient.1
Surat AlAlaq Ayah 17Then, let him call (for help) to his council (of comrades):1
Surat AlAlaq Ayah 3Proclaim! And thy Lord is Most Bountiful, -1
Surat AlAlaq Ayah 13Seest thou if he denies (Truth) and turns away?1
Surat AlAlaq Ayah 8Verily, to thy Lord is the return (of all).1
Surat AlAlaq Ayah 18We will call on the angels of punishment (to deal with him)!1
Surat AlQalam Ayah 33Such is the Punishment (in this life); but greater is the Punishment in the Hereafter, - if only they knew!2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 6Which of you is afflicted with madness.2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 12(Habitually) hindering (all) good, transgressing beyond bounds, deep in sin,2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 25And they opened the morning, strong in an (unjust) resolve.2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 46Or is it that thou dost ask them for a reward, so that they are burdened with a load of debt?-2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 38That ye shall have, through it whatever ye choose?2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 18But made no reservation, ("If it be Allah's Will").2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 2Thou art not, by the Grace of thy Lord, mad or possessed.2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 50Thus did his Lord choose him and make him of the Company of the Righteous.2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 21As the morning broke, they called out, one to another, -2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 42The Day that the shin shall be laid bare, and they shall be summoned to bow in adoration, but they shall not be able, -2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 34Verily, for the Righteous, are Gardens of Delight, in the Presence of their Lord.2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 7Verily it is thy Lord that knoweth best, which (among men) hath strayed from His Path: and He knoweth best those who receive (true) Guidance.2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 14Because he possesses wealth and (numerous) sons.2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 26But when they saw the (garden), they said: "We have surely lost our way:2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 47Or that the Unseen is in their hands, so that they can write it down?2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 39Or have ye Covenants with Us to oath, reaching to the Day of Judgment, (providing) that ye shall have whatever ye shall demand?2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 30Then they turned, one against another, in reproach.2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 51And the Unbelievers would almost trip thee up with their eyes when they hear the Message; and they say: "Surely he is possessed!"2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 13Violent (and cruel), - with all that, base-born, -2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 22"Go ye to your tilth (betimes) in the morning, if ye would gather the fruits."2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 43Their eyes will be cast down, - ignominy will cover them; seeing that they had been summoned aforetime to bow in adoration, while they were whole, (and had refused).2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 35Shall We then treat the People of Faith like the People of Sin?2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 8So hearken not to those who deny (the Truth).2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 15When to him are rehearsed Our Signs, "Tales of the ancients", he cries!2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 27"Indeed we are shut out (of the fruits of our labour)!"2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 48So wait with patience for the Command of thy Lord, and be not like the Companion of the Fish, - when he cried out in agony.2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 19Then there came on the (garden) a visitation from thy Lord, (which swept away) all around, while they were asleep.2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 3Nay, verily for thee is a Reward unfailing:2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 31They said: "Alas for us! We have indeed transgressed!2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 52But it is nothing less than a Message to all the worlds.2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 11A slanderer, going about with calumnies,2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 23So they departed, conversing in secret low tones, (saying)-2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 44Then leave Me alone with such as reject this Message: by degrees shall We punish them from directions they perceive not.2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 36What is the matter with you? How judge ye?2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 9Their desire is that thou shouldst be pliant: so would they be pliant.2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 16Soon shall We brand (the beast) on the snout!2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 28Said one of them, more just (than the rest): "Did I not say to you, 'Why not glorify (Allah)?'"2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 49Had not Grace from his Lord reached him, he would indeed have been cast off on the naked shore, in disgrace.2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 1Nun. By the Pen and the (Record) which (men) write, -2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 40Ask thou of them, which of them will stand surety for that!2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 32"It may be that our Lord will give us in exchange a better (garden) than this: for we do turn to Him (in repentance)!"2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 5Soon wilt thou see, and they will see,2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 10Heed not the type of despicable men, - ready with oaths,2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 24"Let not a single indigent person break in upon you into the (garden) this day."2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 45A (long) respite will I grant them: truly powerful is My Plan.2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 37Or have ye a book through which ye learn-2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 17Verily We have tried them as We tried the People of the Garden, when they resolved to gather the fruits of the (garden) in the morning.2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 29They said: "Glory to our Lord! Verily we have been doing wrong!"2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 4And thou (standest) on an exalted standard of character.2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 20So the (garden) became, by the morning, like a dark and desolate spot, (whose fruit had been gathered).2
Surat AlQalam Ayah 41Or have they some "Partners" (in Allahhead)? Then let them produce their "partners", if they are truthful!2
Surat AlMuzammil Ayah 5Soon shall We send down to thee a weighty Message.3
Surat AlMuzammil Ayah 14One Day the earth and the mountains will be in violent commotion. And the mountains will be as a heap of sand poured out and flowing down.3
Surat AlMuzammil Ayah 19Verily this is an Admonition: therefore, whoso will, let him take a (straight) path to his Lord!3
Surat AlMuzammil Ayah 4Or a little more; and recite the Qur'an in slow, measured rhythmic tones.3
Surat AlMuzammil Ayah 7True, there is for thee by day prolonged occupation with ordinary duties:3
Surat AlMuzammil Ayah 15We have sent to you, (O men!) a messenger, to be a witness concerning you, even as We sent a messenger to Pharaoh.3
Surat AlMuzammil Ayah 1O thou folded in garments!3
Surat AlMuzammil Ayah 11And leave Me (alone to deal with) those in possession of the good things of life, who (yet) deny the Truth; and bear with them for a little while.3
Surat AlMuzammil Ayah 8But keep in remembrance the name of thy Lord and devote thyself to Him whole-heartedly.3
Surat AlMuzammil Ayah 16But Pharaoh disobeyed the messenger; so We seized him with a heavy Punishment.3
Surat AlMuzammil Ayah 6Truly the rising by night is most potent for governing (the soul), and most suitable for (framing) the Word (of Prayer and Praise).3
Surat AlMuzammil Ayah 20Thy Lord doth know that thou standest forth (to prayer) nigh two-thirds of the night, or half the night, or a third of the night, and so doth a party of those with thee. But Allah doth appoint night and day in due measure He knoweth that ye are unable to keep count thereof. So He hath turned to you (in mercy): read ye, therefore, of the Qur'an as much as may be easy for you. He knoweth that there may be (some) among you in ill-health; others travelling through the land, seeking of Allah's bounty; yet others fighting in Allah's Cause, read ye, therefore, as much of the Qur'an as may be easy (for you); and establish regular Prayer and give regular Charity; and loan to Allah a Beautiful Loan. And whatever good ye send forth for your souls ye shall find it in Allah's Presence, - yea, better and greater, in Reward and seek ye the Grace of Allah: for Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.3
Surat AlMuzammil Ayah 12With Us are Fetters (to bind them), and a Fire (to burn them),3
Surat AlMuzammil Ayah 9(He is) Lord of the East and the West: there is no god but He: take Him therefore for (thy) Disposer of Affairs.3
Surat AlMuzammil Ayah 17Then how shall ye, if ye deny (Allah), guard yourselves against a Day that will make children hoary-headed?-3
Surat AlMuzammil Ayah 3Half of it, - or a little less,3
Surat AlMuzammil Ayah 2Stand (to prayer) by night, but not all night, -3
Surat AlMuzammil Ayah 13And a Food that chokes, and a Penalty Grievous.3
Surat AlMuzammil Ayah 18Whereon the sky will be cleft asunder? His Promise needs must be accomplished.3
Surat AlMuzammil Ayah 10And have patience with what they say, and leave them with noble (dignity).3
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 6Nor expect, in giving, any increase (for thyself)!4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 27And what will explain to thee what Hell-Fire is?4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 19And woe to him! How he plotted!-4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 4And thy garments keep free from stain!4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 10Far from easy for those without Faith.4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 41And (ask) of the Sinners:4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 33And by the Night as it retreateth,4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 23Then he turned back and was haughty;4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 54Nay, this surely is an admonition:4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 15Yet is he greedy-that I should add (yet more);-4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 46"And we used to deny the Day of Judgment,4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 38Every soul will be (held) in pledge for its deeds.4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 7But, for thy Lord's (Cause), be patient and constant!4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 28Naught doth it permit to endure, and naught doth it leave alone!-4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 1O thou wrapped up (in the mantle)!4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 50As if they were affrighted asses,4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 11Leave Me alone, (to deal) with the (creature) whom I created (bare and) alone!-4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 42"What led you into Hell Fire?"4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 34And by the Dawn as it shineth forth, -4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 24Then said he: "This is nothing but magic, derived from of old;4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 55Let any who will, keep it in remembrance!4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 16By no means! For to Our Signs he has been refractory!4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 47"Until there came to us (the Hour) that is certain."4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 39Except the Companions of the Right Hand.4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 8Finally, when the Trumpet is sounded,4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 2Arise and deliver thy warning!4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 20Yea, Woe to him; How he plotted!-4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 51Fleeing from a lion!4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 12To whom I granted resources in abundance,4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 43They will say: "We were not of those who prayed;4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 35This is but one of the mighty (portents),4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 25"This is nothing but the word of a mortal!"4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 56But none will keep it in remembrance except as Allah wills: He is the Lord of Righteousness, and the Lord of Forgiveness.4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 17Soon will I visit him with a mount of calamities!4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 48Then will no intercession of (any) intercessors profit them.4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 32Nay, verily: By the Moon,4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 3And thy Lord do thou magnify!4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 30Over it are Nineteen.4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 21Then he looked round;4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 52Forsooth, each one of them wants to be given scrolls (of revelation) spread out!4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 13And sons to be by his side!-4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 44"Nor were we of those who fed the indigent;4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 36A warning to mankind, -4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 26Soon will I cast him into Hell-Fire!4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 5And all abomination shun!4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 9That will be- that Day - a Day of Distress, -4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 18For he thought and he plotted;-4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 49Then what is the matter with them that they turn away from admonition?-4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 29Darkening and changing the colour of man!4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 40(They will be) in Gardens (of Delight): they will question each other,4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 31And We have set none but angels as Guardians of the Fire; and We have fixed their number only as a trial for Unbelievers, - in order that the People of the Book may arrive at certainty, and the Believers may increase in Faith, - and that no doubts may be left for the People of the Book and the Believers, and that those in whose hearts is a disease and the Unbelievers may say, "What symbol doth Allah intend by this?" Thus doth Allah leave to stray whom He pleaseth, and guide whom He pleaseth: and none can know the forces of thy Lord, except He and this is no other than a warning to mankind.4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 22Then he frowned and he scowled;4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 53By no means! But they fear not the Hereafter,4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 14To whom I made (life) smooth and comfortable!4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 45"But we used to talk vanities with vain talkers;4
Surat AlMudathir Ayah 37To any of you that chooses to press forward, or to follow behind;-4
Surat AlMasad Ayah 2No profit to him from all his wealth, and all his gains!5
Surat AlFatiha Ayah 5Thee do we worship, and Thine aid we seek.5
Surat AlFatiha Ayah 2Praise be to Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds;5
Surat AlMasad Ayah 3Burnt soon will he be in a Fire of Blazing Flame!5
Surat AlFatiha Ayah 7The way of those on whom Thou hast bestowed Thy Grace, those whose (portion) is not wrath, and who go not astray.5
Surat AlFatiha Ayah 3Most Gracious, Most Merciful;5
Surat AlFatiha Ayah 1In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.5
Surat AlMasad Ayah 4His wife shall carry the (crackling) wood - As fuel!-5
Surat AlFatiha Ayah 6Show us the straight way,5
Surat AlMasad Ayah 5A twisted rope of palm-leaf fibre round her (own) neck!5
Surat AlMasad Ayah 1Perish the hands of the Father of Flame! Perish he!5
Surat AlFatiha Ayah 4Master of the Day of Judgment.5
Surat AlSharh Ayah 6Verily, with every difficulty there is relief.7
Surat AlSharh Ayah 2And removed from thee thy burden7
Surat AlSharh Ayah 7Therefore, when thou art free (from thine immediate task), still labour hard,7
Surat AlSharh Ayah 3The which did gall thy back?-7
Surat AlSharh Ayah 8And to thy Lord turn (all) thy attention.7
Surat AlSharh Ayah 4And raised high the esteem (in which) thou (art held)?7
Surat AlSharh Ayah 5So, verily, with every difficulty, there is relief:7
Surat AlSharh Ayah 1Have We not expanded thee thy breast?-7
Surat AlAala Ayah 15And glorify the name of their Guardian-Lord, and (lift their hearts) in prayer.8
Surat AlAala Ayah 10The admonition will be received by those who fear (Allah):8
Surat AlAala Ayah 7Except as Allah wills: For He knoweth what is manifest and what is hidden.8
Surat AlAala Ayah 11But it will be avoided by those most unfortunate ones,8
Surat AlAsr Ayah 1By (the Token of) Time (through the ages),8
Surat AlAala Ayah 17But the Hereafter is better and more enduring.8
Surat AlAala Ayah 3Who hath ordained laws. And granted guidance;8
Surat AlAala Ayah 5And then doth make it (but) swarthy stubble.8
Surat AlAala Ayah 8And We will make it easy for thee (to follow) the simple (Path).8
Surat AlAsr Ayah 2Verily Man is in loss,8
Surat AlAala Ayah 19The Books of Abraham and Moses.8
Surat AlAala Ayah 16Nay (behold), ye prefer the life of this world;8
Surat AlAala Ayah 2Who hath created, and further, given order and proportion;8
Surat AlAala Ayah 4And Who bringeth out the (green and luscious) pasture,8
Surat AlAsr Ayah 3Except such as have Faith, and do righteous deeds, and (join together) in the mutual teaching of Truth, and of Patience and Constancy.8
Surat AlAala Ayah 12Who will enter the Great Fire,8
Surat AlAala Ayah 14But those will prosper who purify themselves,8
Surat AlAala Ayah 13In which they will then neither die nor live.8
Surat AlAala Ayah 6By degrees shall We teach thee to declare (the Message), so thou shalt not forget,8
Surat AlAala Ayah 18And this is in the Books of the earliest (Revelation), -8
Surat AlAala Ayah 1Glorify the name of thy Guardian-Lord Most High,8
Surat AlAala Ayah 9Therefore give admonition in case the admonition profits (the hearer).8
Surat AlFajr Ayah 9And with the Thamud (people), who cut out (huge) rocks in the valley?-9
Surat AlFajr Ayah 28"Come back thou to thy Lord, - well pleased (thyself), and well-pleasing unto Him!9
Surat AlFajr Ayah 19And ye devour inheritance - all with greed,9
Surat AlFajr Ayah 13Therefore did thy Lord pour on them a scourge of diverse chastisements:9
Surat AlFajr Ayah 4And by the Night when it passeth away;-9
Surat AlFajr Ayah 23And Hell, that Day, is brought (face to face), - on that Day will man remember, but how will that remembrance profit him?9
Surat AlFajr Ayah 15Now, as for man, when his Lord trieth him, giving him honour and gifts, then saith he, (puffed up), "My Lord hath honoured me."9
Surat AlFajr Ayah 24He will say: "Ah! Would that I had sent forth (good deeds) for (this) my (Future) Life!"9
Surat AlFajr Ayah 29"Enter thou, then, among My devotees!9
Surat AlFajr Ayah 1By the break of Day9
Surat AlFajr Ayah 10And with Pharaoh, lord of stakes?9
Surat AlFajr Ayah 6Seest thou not how thy Lord dealt with the 'Ad (people), -9
Surat AlFajr Ayah 25For, that Day, His Chastisement will be such as none (else) can inflict,9
Surat AlFajr Ayah 16But when He trieth him, restricting his subsistence for him, then saith he (in despair), "My Lord hath humiliated me!"9
Surat AlFajr Ayah 2By the Nights twice five;9
Surat AlFajr Ayah 20And ye love wealth with inordinate love!9
Surat AlFajr Ayah 11(All) these transgressed beyond bounds in the lands,9
Surat AlFajr Ayah 7Of the (city of) Iram, with lofty pillars,9
Surat AlFajr Ayah 26And His bonds will be such as none (other) can bind.9
Surat AlFajr Ayah 17Nay, nay! but ye honour not the orphans!9
Surat AlFajr Ayah 30"Yea, enter thou My Heaven!9
Surat AlFajr Ayah 21Nay! When the earth is pounded to powder,9
Surat AlFajr Ayah 12And heaped therein mischief (on mischief).9
Surat AlFajr Ayah 8The like of which were not produced in (all) the land?9
Surat AlFajr Ayah 27(To the righteous soul will be said:) "O (thou) soul, in (complete) rest and satisfaction!9
Surat AlFajr Ayah 18Nor do ye encourage one another to feed the poor!-9
Surat AlFajr Ayah 5Is there (not) in these an adjuration (or evidence) for those who understand?9
Surat AlFajr Ayah 3By the even and odd (contrasted);9
Surat AlFajr Ayah 22And thy Lord cometh, and His angels, rank upon rank,9
Surat AlFajr Ayah 14For thy Lord is (as a Guardian) on a watch-tower.9
Surat AlDuha Ayah 5And soon will thy Guardian-Lord give thee (that wherewith) thou shalt be well-pleased.10
Surat AlDuha Ayah 1By the Glorious Morning Light,10
Surat AlDuha Ayah 6Did He not find thee an orphan and give thee shelter (and care)?10
Surat AlDuha Ayah 2And by the Night when it is still, -10
Surat AlDuha Ayah 7And He found thee wandering, and He gave thee guidance.10
Surat AlDuha Ayah 3Thy Guardian-Lord hath not forsaken thee, nor is He displeased.10
Surat AlDuha Ayah 8And He found thee in need, and made thee independent.10
Surat AlDuha Ayah 10Nor repulse the petitioner (unheard);10
Surat AlDuha Ayah 4And verily the Hereafter will be better for thee than the present.10
Surat AlDuha Ayah 9Therefore, treat not the orphan with harshness,10
Surat AlDuha Ayah 11But the bounty of the Lord - rehearse and proclaim!10
Surat AlLayl Ayah 13And verily unto Us (belong) the End and the Beginning.11
Surat AlLayl Ayah 8But he who is a greedy miser and thinks himself self-sufficient,11
Surat AlLayl Ayah 18Those who spend their wealth for increase in self-purification,11
Surat AlLayl Ayah 5So he who gives (in charity) and fears (Allah),11
Surat AlLayl Ayah 2By the Day as it appears in glory;11
Surat AlLayl Ayah 14Therefore do I warn you of a Fire blazing fiercely;11
Surat AlLayl Ayah 9And gives the lie to the best, -11
Surat AlLayl Ayah 19And have in their minds no favour from anyone for which a reward is expected in return,11
Surat AlLayl Ayah 10We will indeed make smooth for him the path to Misery;11
Surat AlLayl Ayah 3By (the mystery of) the creation of male and female;-11
Surat AlLayl Ayah 15None shall reach it but those most unfortunate ones11
Surat AlLayl Ayah 1By the Night as it conceals (the light);11
Surat AlLayl Ayah 11Nor will his wealth profit him when he falls headlong (into the Pit).11
Surat AlLayl Ayah 4Verily, (the ends) ye strive for are diverse.11
Surat AlLayl Ayah 16Who give the lie to Truth and turn their backs.11
Surat AlLayl Ayah 20But only the desire to seek for the Countenance of their Lord Most High;11
Surat AlLayl Ayah 12Verily We take upon Ourselves to guide,11
Surat AlLayl Ayah 7We will indeed make smooth for him the path to Bliss.11
Surat AlLayl Ayah 17But those most devoted to Allah shall be removed far from it, -11
Surat AlLayl Ayah 6And (in all sincerity) testifies to the best, -11
Surat AlLayl Ayah 21And soon will they attain (complete) satisfaction.11
Surat AlAdiyat Ayah 2And strike sparks of fire,12
Surat AlAdiyat Ayah 7And to that (fact) he bears witness (by his deeds);12
Surat AlAdiyat Ayah 3And push home the charge in the morning,12
Surat AlAdiyat Ayah 8And violent is he in his love of wealth.12
Surat AlAdiyat Ayah 10And that which is (locked up) in (human) breasts is made manifest-12
Surat AlAdiyat Ayah 4And raise the dust in clouds the while,12
Surat AlAdiyat Ayah 9Does he not know, - when that which is in the graves is scattered abroad12
Surat AlAdiyat Ayah 11That their Lord had been Well-acquainted with them, (even to) that Day?12
Surat AlAdiyat Ayah 5And penetrate forthwith into the midst (of the foe) en masse;-12
Surat AlAdiyat Ayah 1By the (Steeds) that run, with panting (breath),12
Surat AlAdiyat Ayah 6Truly man is, to his Lord, ungrateful;12
Surat AlKauthar Ayah 3For he who hateth thee, he will be cut off (from Future Hope).13
Surat AlKauthar Ayah 1To thee have We granted the Fount (of Abundance).13
Surat AlKauthar Ayah 2Therefore to thy Lord turn in Prayer and Sacrifice.13
Surat AlTakthur Ayah 2Until ye visit the graves.14
Surat AlTakthur Ayah 7Again, ye shall see it with certainty of sight!14
Surat AlTakthur Ayah 3But nay, ye soon shall know (the reality).14
Surat AlTakthur Ayah 8Then, shall ye be questioned that Day about the joy (ye indulged in!).14
Surat AlTakthur Ayah 4Again, ye soon shall know!14
Surat AlTakthur Ayah 5Nay, were ye to know with certainty of mind, (ye would beware!)14
Surat AlTakthur Ayah 1The mutual rivalry for piling up (the good things of this world) diverts you (from the more serious things),14
Surat AlTakthur Ayah 6Ye shall certainly see Hell-Fire!14
Surat AlMaaun Ayah 5Who are neglectful of their prayers,15
Surat AlMaaun Ayah 1Seest thou one who denies the Judgment (to come)?15
Surat AlMaaun Ayah 6Those who (want but) to be seen (of men),15
Surat AlMaaun Ayah 2Then such is the (man) who repulses the orphan (with harshness),15
Surat AlMaaun Ayah 7But refuse (to supply) (even) neighbourly needs.15
Surat AlMaaun Ayah 3And encourages not the feeding of the indigent.15
Surat AlMaaun Ayah 4So woe to the worshippers15
Surat AlKafiron Ayah 4And I will not worship that which ye have been wont to worship,16
Surat AlKafiron Ayah 6To you be your Way, and to me mine.16
Surat AlKafiron Ayah 5Nor will ye worship that which I worship.16
Surat AlKafiron Ayah 1Say: O ye that reject Faith!16
Surat AlKafiron Ayah 2I worship not that which ye worship,16
Surat AlKafiron Ayah 3Nor will ye worship that which I worship.16
Surat AlFeel Ayah 3And He sent against them Flights of Birds,17
Surat AlFeel Ayah 4Striking them with stones of baked clay.17
Surat AlFeel Ayah 5Then did He make them like an empty field of stalks and straw, (of which the corn) has been eaten up.17
Surat AlFeel Ayah 1Seest thou not how thy Lord dealt with the Companions of the Elephant?17
Surat AlFeel Ayah 2Did He not make their treacherous plan go astray?17
Surat AlIkhlas Ayah 3He begetteth not, nor is He begotten;18
Surat AlIkhlas Ayah 4And there is none like unto Him.18
Surat AlIkhlas Ayah 1Say: He is Allah, the One and Only;18
Surat AlIkhlas Ayah 2Allah, the Eternal, Absolute;18
Surat AlFalaq Ayah 2From the mischief of created things;19
Surat AlFalaq Ayah 3From the mischief of Darkness as it overspreads;19
Surat AlFalaq Ayah 4From the mischief of those who practise secret arts;19
Surat AlFalaq Ayah 5And from the mischief of the envious one as he practises envy.19
Surat AlFalaq Ayah 1Say: I seek refuge with the Lord of the Dawn19
Surat AlNaas Ayah 1Say: I seek refuge with the Lord and Cherisher of Mankind,20
Surat AlNaas Ayah 3The god (or judge) of Mankind, -20
Surat AlNaas Ayah 4From the mischief of the Whisperer (of Evil), who withdraws (after his whisper), -20
Surat AlNaas Ayah 6Among Jinns and among men.20
Surat AlNaas Ayah 5(The same) who whispers into the hearts of Mankind, -20
Surat AlNaas Ayah 2The King (or Ruler) of Mankind,20
Surat AlNajm Ayah 18For truly did he see, of the Signs of his Lord, the Greatest!21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 49That He is the Lord of Sirius (the Mighty Star);21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 59Do ye then wonder at this recital?21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 40That (the fruit of) his striving will soon come in sight:21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 32Those who avoid great sins and shameful deeds, only (falling into) small faults, - verily thy Lord is ample in forgiveness. He knows you well when He brings you out of the earth, And when ye are hidden in your mothers' wombs. Therefore justify not yourselves: He knows best who it is that guards against evil.21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 6Endued with Wisdom: for he appeared (in stately form);21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 23These are nothing but names which ye have devised, - ye and your fathers, - for which Allah has sent down no authority (whatever). They follow nothing but conjecture and what their own souls desire!- Even though there has already come to them Guidance from their Lord!21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 53And He destroyed the Overthrown Cities (of Sodom and Gomorrah).21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 14Near the Lote-tree beyond which none may pass:21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 45That He did create in pairs, - male and female,21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 37And of Abraham who fulfilled his engagements?-21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 57The (Judgment) ever approaching draws nigh:21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 28But they have no knowledge therein. They follow nothing but conjecture; and conjecture avails nothing against Truth.21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 5He was taught by one Mighty in Power,21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 19Have ye seen Lat. and 'Uzza,21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 4It is no less than inspiration sent down to him:21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 10So did (Allah) convey the inspiration to His Servant- (conveyed) what He (meant) to convey.21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 41Then will he be rewarded with a reward complete;21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 33Seest thou one who turns back,21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 7While he was in the highest part of the horizon:21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 24Nay, shall man have (just) anything he hankers after?21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 54So that (ruins unknown) have covered them up.21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 15Near it is the Garden of Abode.21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 46From a seed when lodged (in its place);21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 38Namely, that no bearer of burdens can bear the burden of another;21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 2Your Companion is neither astray nor being misled.21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 29Therefore shun those who turn away from Our Message and desire nothing but the life of this world.21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 60And will ye laugh and not weep, -21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 20And another, the third (goddess), Manat?21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 50And that it is He Who destroyed the (powerful) ancient 'Ad (people),21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 11The (Prophet's) (mind and) heart in no way falsified that which he saw.21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 42That to thy Lord is the final Goal;21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 34Gives a little, then hardens (his heart)?21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 8Then he approached and came closer,21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 25But it is to Allah that the End and the Beginning (of all things) belong.21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 55Then which of the gifts of thy Lord, (O man,) wilt thou dispute about?21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 16Behold, the Lote-tree was shrouded (in mystery unspeakable!)21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 47That He hath promised a Second Creation (Raising of the Dead);21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 39That man can have nothing but what he strives for;21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 9And was at a distance of but two bow-lengths or (even) nearer;21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 30That is as far as knowledge will reach them. Verily thy Lord knoweth best those who stray from His Path, and He knoweth best those who receive guidance.21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 61Wasting your time in vanities?21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 21What! for you the male sex, and for Him, the female?21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 51And the Thamud nor gave them a lease of perpetual life.21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 12Will ye then dispute with him concerning what he saw?21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 43That it is He Who granteth Laughter and Tears;21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 35What! Has he knowledge of the Unseen so that he can see?21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 26How many-so-ever be the angels in the heavens, their intercession will avail nothing except after Allah has given leave for whom He pleases and that he is acceptable to Him.21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 56This is a Warner, of the (series of) Warners of old!21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 17(His) sight never swerved, nor did it go wrong!21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 48That it is He Who giveth wealth and satisfaction;21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 3Nor does he say (aught) of (his own) Desire.21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 1By the Star when it goes down, -21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 31Yea, to Allah belongs all that is in the heavens and on earth: so that He rewards those who do evil, according to their deeds, and He rewards those who do good, with what is best.21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 62But fall ye down in prostration to Allah, and adore (Him)!21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 22Behold, such would be indeed a division most unfair!21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 52And before them, the people of Noah, for that they were (all) most unjust and most insolent transgressors,21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 13For indeed he saw him at a second descent,21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 44That it is He Who granteth Death and Life;21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 36Nay, is he not acquainted with what is in the Books of Moses-21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 27Those who believe not in the Hereafter, name the angels with female names.21
Surat AlNajm Ayah 58No (soul) but Allah can lay it bare.21
Surat Abasa Ayah 18From what stuff hath He created him?22
Surat Abasa Ayah 13(It is) in Books held (greatly) in honour,22
Surat Abasa Ayah 8But as to him who came to thee striving earnestly,22
Surat Abasa Ayah 41Blackness will cover them:22
Surat Abasa Ayah 7Though it is no blame to thee if he grow not (in spiritual understanding).22
Surat Abasa Ayah 40And other faces that Day will be dust-stained,22
Surat Abasa Ayah 30And enclosed Gardens, dense with lofty trees,22
Surat Abasa Ayah 15(Written) by the hands of scribes-22
Surat Abasa Ayah 6To him dost thou attend;22
Surat Abasa Ayah 24Then let man look at his food, (and how We provide it):22
Surat Abasa Ayah 36And from his wife and his children.22
Surat Abasa Ayah 31And fruits and fodder, -22
Surat Abasa Ayah 3But what could tell thee but that perchance he might grow (in spiritual understanding)?-22
Surat Abasa Ayah 10Of him wast thou unmindful.22
Surat Abasa Ayah 34That Day shall a man flee from his own brother,22
Surat Abasa Ayah 20Then doth He make His path smooth for him;22
Surat Abasa Ayah 39Laughing, rejoicing.22
Surat Abasa Ayah 42Such will be the Rejecters of Allah, the doers of iniquity.22
Surat Abasa Ayah 4Or that he might receive admonition, and the teaching might profit him?22
Surat Abasa Ayah 29And Olives and Dates,22
Surat Abasa Ayah 19From a sperm-drop: He hath created him, and then mouldeth him in due proportions;22
Surat Abasa Ayah 28And Grapes and nutritious plants,22
Surat Abasa Ayah 37Each one of them, that Day, will have enough concern (of his own) to make him indifferent to the others.22
Surat Abasa Ayah 14Exalted (in dignity), kept pure and holy,22
Surat Abasa Ayah 33At length, when there comes the Deafening Noise, -22
Surat Abasa Ayah 21Then He causeth him to die, and putteth him in his grave;22
Surat Abasa Ayah 16Honourable and Pious and Just.22
Surat Abasa Ayah 35And from his mother and his father,22
Surat Abasa Ayah 32For use and convenience to you and your cattle.22
Surat Abasa Ayah 23By no means hath he fulfilled what Allah hath commanded him.22
Surat Abasa Ayah 5As to one who regards Himself as self-sufficient,22
Surat Abasa Ayah 17Woe to man! What hath made him reject Allah;22
Surat Abasa Ayah 22Then, when it is His Will, He will raise him up (again).22
Surat Abasa Ayah 25For that We pour forth water in abundance,22
Surat Abasa Ayah 1(The Prophet) frowned and turned away,22
Surat Abasa Ayah 27And produce therein corn,22
Surat Abasa Ayah 9And with fear (in his heart),22
Surat Abasa Ayah 26And We split the earth in fragments,22
Surat Abasa Ayah 2Because there came to him the blind man (interrupting).22
Surat Abasa Ayah 11By no means (should it be so)! For it is indeed a Message of instruction:22
Surat Abasa Ayah 12Therefore let whoso will, keep it in remembrance.22
Surat Abasa Ayah 38Some faces that Day will be beaming,22
Surat AlQadr Ayah 2And what will explain to thee what the night of power is?23
Surat AlQadr Ayah 3The Night of Power is better than a thousand months.23
Surat AlQadr Ayah 4Therein come down the angels and the Spirit by Allah's permission, on every errand:23
Surat AlQadr Ayah 5Peace!... This until the rise of morn!23
Surat AlQadr Ayah 1We have indeed revealed this (Message) in the Night of Power:23
Surat AlShams Ayah 12Behold, the most wicked man among them was deputed (for impiety).24
Surat AlShams Ayah 2By the Moon as she follows him;24
Surat AlShams Ayah 6By the Earth and its (wide) expanse:24
Surat AlShams Ayah 9Truly he succeeds that purifies it,24
Surat AlShams Ayah 13But the Messenger of Allah said to them: "It is a She-camel of Allah! And (bar her not from) having her drink!"24
Surat AlShams Ayah 4By the Night as it conceals it;24
Surat AlShams Ayah 3By the Day as it shows up (the Sun's) glory;24
Surat AlShams Ayah 14Then they rejected him (as a false prophet), and they hamstrung her. So their Lord, on account of their crime, obliterated their traces and made them equal (in destruction, high and low)!24
Surat AlShams Ayah 5By the Firmament and its (wonderful) structure;24
Surat AlShams Ayah 10And he fails that corrupts it!24
Surat AlShams Ayah 15And for Him is no fear of its consequences.24
Surat AlShams Ayah 7By the Soul, and the proportion and order given to it;24
Surat AlShams Ayah 11The Thamud (people) rejected (their prophet) through their inordinate wrong-doing,24
Surat AlShams Ayah 1By the Sun and his (glorious) splendour;24
Surat AlShams Ayah 8And its enlightenment as to its wrong and its right;-24
Surat AlBooroj Ayah 3By one that witnesses, and the subject of the witness;-25
Surat AlBooroj Ayah 16Doer (without let) of all that He intends.25
Surat AlBooroj Ayah 8And they ill-treated them for no other reason than that they believed in Allah, Exalted in Power, Worthy of all Praise!-25
Surat AlBooroj Ayah 20But Allah doth encompass them from behind!25
Surat AlBooroj Ayah 12Truly strong is the Grip (and Power) of thy Lord.25
Surat AlBooroj Ayah 4Woe to the makers of the pit (of fire),25
Surat AlBooroj Ayah 17Has the story reached thee, of the forces-25
Surat AlBooroj Ayah 9Him to Whom belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth! And Allah is Witness to all things.25
Surat AlBooroj Ayah 21Nay, this is a Glorious Qur'an,25
Surat AlBooroj Ayah 13It is He Who creates from the very beginning, and He can restore (life).25
Surat AlBooroj Ayah 5Fire supplied (abundantly) with fuel:25
Surat AlBooroj Ayah 18Of Pharaoh and the Thamud?25
Surat AlBooroj Ayah 22(Inscribed) in a Tablet Preserved!25
Surat AlBooroj Ayah 14And He is the Oft-Forgiving, Full of Loving-Kindness,25
Surat AlBooroj Ayah 6Behold! they sat over against the (fire),25
Surat AlBooroj Ayah 19And yet the Unbelievers (persist) in rejecting (the Truth)!25
Surat AlBooroj Ayah 10Those who persecute (or draw into temptation) the Believers, men and women, and do not turn in repentance, will have the Penalty of Hell: They will have the Penalty of the Burning Fire.25
Surat AlBooroj Ayah 2By the promised Day (of Judgment);25
Surat AlBooroj Ayah 15Lord of the Throne of Glory,25
Surat AlBooroj Ayah 7And they witnessed (all) that they were doing against the Believers.25
Surat AlBooroj Ayah 1By the sky, (displaying) the Zodiacal Signs;25
Surat AlBooroj Ayah 11For those who believe and do righteous deeds, will be Gardens; beneath which rivers flow: That is the great Salvation, (the fulfilment of all desires),25
Surat AlTeen Ayah 7Then what can, after this, contradict thee, as to the judgment (to come)?26
Surat AlTeen Ayah 3And this City of security, -26
Surat AlTeen Ayah 4We have indeed created man in the best of moulds,26
Surat AlTeen Ayah 8Is not Allah the wisest of judges?26
Surat AlTeen Ayah 5Then do We abase him (to be) the lowest of the low, -26
Surat AlTeen Ayah 1By the Fig and the Olive,26
Surat AlTeen Ayah 6Except such as believe and do righteous deeds: For they shall have a reward unfailing.26
Surat AlTeen Ayah 2And the Mount of Sinai,26
Surat AlQuraish Ayah 4Who provides them with food against hunger, and with security against fear (of danger).27
Surat AlQuraish Ayah 1For the covenants (of security and safeguard enjoyed) by the Quraish,27
Surat AlQuraish Ayah 2Their covenants (covering) journeys by winter and summer, -27
Surat AlQuraish Ayah 3Let them adore the Lord of this House,27
Surat AlQaraah Ayah 4(It is) a Day whereon men will be like moths scattered about,28
Surat AlQaraah Ayah 9Will have his home in a (bottomless) Pit.28
Surat AlQaraah Ayah 10And what will explain to thee what this is?28
Surat AlQaraah Ayah 5And the mountains will be like carded wool.28
Surat AlQaraah Ayah 1The (Day) of Noise and Clamour:28
Surat AlQaraah Ayah 6Then, he whose balance (of good deeds) will be (found) heavy,28
Surat AlQaraah Ayah 2What is the (Day) of Noise and Clamour?28
Surat AlQaraah Ayah 7Will be in a life of good pleasure and satisfaction.28
Surat AlQaraah Ayah 3And what will explain to thee what the (Day) of Noise and Clamour is?28
Surat AlQaraah Ayah 8But he whose balance (of good deeds) will be (found) light, -28
Surat AlQaraah Ayah 11(It is) a Fire Blazing fiercely!28
Surat AlQiyamah Ayah 24And some faces, that Day, will be sad and dismal,29
Surat AlQiyamah Ayah 15Even though he were to put up his excuses.29
Surat AlQiyamah Ayah 3Does man think that We cannot assemble his bones?29
Surat AlQiyamah Ayah 34Woe to thee, (O men!), yea, woe!29
Surat AlQiyamah Ayah 29And one leg will be joined with another:29
Surat AlQiyamah Ayah 20Nay, (ye men!) but ye love the fleeting life,29
Surat AlQiyamah Ayah 8And the moon is buried in darkness.29
Surat AlQiyamah Ayah 11By no means! No place of safety!29
Surat AlQiyamah Ayah 36Does man think that he will be left uncontrolled, (without purpose)?29
Surat AlQiyamah Ayah 25In the thought that some back-breaking calamity was about to be inflicted on them;29
Surat AlQiyamah Ayah 16Move not thy tongue concerning the (Qur'an) to make haste therewith.29
Surat AlQiyamah Ayah 40Has not He, (the same), the power to give life to the dead?29
Surat AlQiyamah Ayah 31So he gave nothing in charity, nor did he pray!-29
Surat AlQiyamah Ayah 2And I do call to witness the self-reproaching spirit: (Eschew Evil).29
Surat AlQiyamah Ayah 21And leave alone the Hereafter.29
Surat AlQiyamah Ayah 9And the sun and moon are joined together, -29
Surat AlQiyamah Ayah 12Before thy Lord (alone), that Day will be the place of rest.29
Surat AlQiyamah Ayah 37Was he not a drop of sperm emitted (in lowly form)?29
Surat AlQiyamah Ayah 26Yea, when (the soul) reaches to the collar-bone (in its exit),29
Surat AlQiyamah Ayah 17It is for Us to collect it and to promulgate it:29
Surat AlQiyamah Ayah 4Nay, We are able to put together in perfect order the very tips of his fingers.29
Surat AlQiyamah Ayah 32But on the contrary, he rejected Truth and turned away!29
Surat AlQiyamah Ayah 30That Day the Drive will be (all) to thy Lord!29
Surat AlQiyamah Ayah 22Some faces, that Day, will beam (in brightness and beauty);-29
Surat AlQiyamah Ayah 13That Day will Man be told (all) that he put forward, and all that he put back.29
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