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Quran Ayah in Quran Sub Topic 07-00

The following Ayat belong to Quran Sub Topic 07-00.
Sura PageSurat and AyahPolaritySura ClassificationSura SequenceRelated SubjectsAyah Text
Surat Saad Ayah 56Surat Saad-0.8838Hell!- they will burn therein, - an evil bed (indeed, to lie on)!-
Surat AlFurqan Ayah 34Surat AlFurqan-0.8338Those who will be gathered to Hell (prone) on their faces, - they will be in an evil plight, and, as to Path, most astray.
Surat AlQalam Ayah 26Surat AlQalam-0.732But when they saw the (garden), they said: "We have surely lost our way:
Surat AlTaubah Ayah 97Surat AlTaubah-0.73113The Arabs of the desert are the worst in Unbelief and hypocrisy, and most fitted to be in ignorance of the command which Allah hath sent down to His Messenger: But Allah is All-knowing, All-Wise.
Surat AlRahman Ayah 43Surat AlRahman-0.7134This is the Hell which the Sinners deny:
Surat Ta Ha Ayah 61Surat Ta Ha-0.6741Moses said to him: Woe to you! Forge not ye a lie against Allah, lest He destroy you (at once) utterly by chastisement: the forger must suffer frustration!"
Surat AlMaarij Ayah 27Surat AlMaarij-0.6775And those who fear the displeasure of their Lord, -
Surat Yunus Ayah 69Surat Yunus-0.6349Say: "Those who invent a lie against Allah will never prosper."
Surat Ibrahim Ayah 26Surat Ibrahim-0.5370And the parable of an evil Word is that of an evil tree: It is torn up by the root from the surface of the earth: it has no stability.
Surat Fatir Ayah 37Surat Fatir-0.4739Therein will they cry aloud (for assistance): "Our Lord! Bring us out: we shall work righteousness, not the (deeds) we used to do!" - "Did We not give you long enough life so that he that would should receive admonition? and (moreover) the warner came to you. So taste ye (the fruits of your deeds): for the wrong-doers there is no helper."
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